PenroseMcNab’s editorial services ensure that text is accurate, grammatically sound and well structured, reducing the risk of potentially costly errors reaching the public or your clients.
Copy-editing is the vital stage between the first draft text and the copy that you send to design. During this intensive phase, we correct any problems with grammar, spelling, structure and standardisation, and mark up the text ready for design. We also check for issues such as copyright infringement, libel problems, factual accuracy and information/style clashes between multiple documents.
The end result is that you send high-quality text through to the next production stage, reducing expensive and difficult corrections at final proofs.


Proofreading is the last line of defence against textual errors and problems. A professional proofreader studies every aspect of a text’s accuracy before it is published. Good proofreading is more than just checking spelling and grammar. It also involves standardisation of terms and design features, fact verification, raising author queries and much more.
We can:
  • Proof either on paper or on screen
  • Remove mistakes commonly made in company literature
  • Mark up layouts using the BS 5261C:2005 system
  • Improve your projected image
  • Keep archives of previous literature sent out, and cross-check the facts and claims between documents to ensure 100 per cent consistency.
For businesses and public organisations with high levels of accountability, employing a professional proofreader is not a luxury. Our service means an increased peace of mind and literature in which you have confidence.


PenroseMcNab can provide direct copywriting services, from sales letters and reports through to speeches and web copy. We give you:
  • The reassurance of text that is professionally written, copy-edited and proofread
  • Material that ties directly into your brand or ambitions
  • Text shaped directly for design
  • Freedom from time-consuming research and fact checking
  • Additional services such as clearance of text permissions and photo rights.