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I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The pace was fast and furious, and the sessions were packed with practical information. The explanations and tips were crystal clear without being laboured.

Often a whole day of training can leave you feeling drained and exhausted, but on this one I felt energized and kept a high level of attention all through the day.

– Recent customer feedback

Problems with literacy in business are becoming ever more prevalent, even amongst an educated workforce.
At the completion of training from PenroseMcNab, however, your staff will not only understand fully how the English language works, but they will also write with greater fluidity, accuracy and creativity.
Our courses target and correct the common flaws in grammar and spelling, and enable key personnel to craft well-organised and authoritative documents, from e-mails to company reports.

Words are our business

To make them your business too, check out the following services:

Essential and innovative training in grammar, spelling, punctuation and many other aspects of workplace literacy, delivered in-house or at an external venue.

Literacy Screening
Services to assess and test the crucial literacy skills of job applicants or those earmarked for promotion.

Advisory services designed to help you improve key aspects of your written business communications, from websites to print marketing.

Editorial/Writing Services
Copy-editing and writing documents of any size and style, for internal or external distribution.

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