Problems in staff literacy often emerge only after recruitment or promotion. They can erode authority with your clients and customers, and add an extra level of inertia to a project. They also occupy valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere.
The solution
Our custom-designed literacy screening service enables you to identify candidates with poor business literacy before important recruitment decisions are made. The service ensures that you only interview those whose communication skills will add the most value to your company. Likewise, we can identify candidates who would benefit from further training in order to reach the level you require.


Our literacy screening service can include:
  • Literacy assessment of CVs, covering letters and other application materials
  • A multiple-choice grammar quiz, testing all key areas of functional grammar
  • Real-time online writing tests, to give a true guide to the candidate’s ability to write

The candidate’s assessment results are placed in an easily understandable matrix, grading their ability to handle grammar, spelling and information.