Our bespoke or off-the-shelf training courses are targeted specifically at the requirements of real-world businesses. We focus on teaching memorable rules of grammar and literacy, giving people the skills to write with confidence and persuasion.
The key objectives of our courses are as follows:
  • Teach the core rules of accurate grammar
  • Dramatically improve spelling and punctuation
  • Increase the power and authority of your written words
  • Help people to write fluidly and quickly
  • Assist delegates with common issues in writing business communications.
All courses are based, where relevant, on prior training needs analysis (TNA) within your company. The objectives of the TNA are to assess whether the standards of literacy in your organisation meet your communication objectives, and to define specific areas that would benefit from targeted training. The TNA also allows us to tailor the resulting course to the particular needs of your business.
Current courses

Bespoke courses
We realise that not every company has the same needs. Using our core course components, plus new modules devised in consultation with you, we can deliver training programmes specific to your goals and objectives. Our bespoke training includes a broad range of expertise and training methods:
  • Copy-editing
  • Proofreading using the BS 5261C:2005 system
  • Preparing text for design
  • Project management of long publications
  • Writing for print or web.
Our training methods
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Online correspondence
  • Text assessment and feedback.